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Camping Gorges du Verdon » Campez Couvert for Ciela Village

Campez Couvert for Ciela Village

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Quick and easy!
Everyone is covered,
without needing to be related.

Campez Couvert can offer you the most comprehensive holiday  insurance coverage on the market.
In addition to trip cancellation and interruption insurance, Campez Couvert will also cover you for COVID-19.
Find all the insurance terms and conditions at :

icon pdfGeneral conditions

icon pdfInformation document on the insurance product

Nos garanties

Medical reasons

Serious illness, including COVID, serious accidents or death, counterindication and post-vaccination, pregnancy complications..

Personal reasons

Summons in preparation of adopting a child, as either a witness or jury member or for an organ transplant, to a retake exam, separation.

Serious vehicle damage

Maximum 48 hours before departure.

Business reason

Cancellation or change to paid leave, Redundancy / contractual termination, Professional transfer, Getting a job.

Other :

Serious damage caused by fi re, explosion or water damage, Theft from business or private premises, Natural disasters, Site access prohibited, being unable to reach the holiday location, theft of your identity card, driving licence or passport, Tourist visa refusal.

Contact tracing NEW !
Symptoms of COVID-19 confirmed by a medical opinion, or having come into contact with a person infected with COVID-19.
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Open from 04/19/2024 to 09/23/2024

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