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Tourism in Castellane in the Verdon

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    Castellane is the gateway to the Gorges du Verdon and borders Lake Castillon, one of the most impressive in the Verdon Valley. This is nature at its most beautiful, from the chaos of the Gorges to the French Pre-Alps, this area is home to a magnificent lake nestled in the hollow of a majestic environment. A medieval town, originally built on the famous ‘Roc’ that overhangs it, Castellane has managed to preserve its cultural and architectural heritage. Stroll through the narrow back streets and discover the local craft shops. You can enjoy the bracing mountain air of the French Alps and the laid-back atmosphere of Provence…

    Medieval town

    Originally perched 900 metres high on the summit of the Roc to protect itself from invasions, it wasn’t until the late Middle Ages that the inhabitants of Castellane moved down into the lower town at the foot of this natural panoramic viewpoint. At the summit of this striking peak, the chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Roc dominates this small town. Although the ramparts and thirteen of its towers have disappeared, the Pentagonale Tower is still standing. The stone bridge, called the Pont du Roc, which, for a long time, was the only strategic point for crossing the Verdon, has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The original bridge dates back to Roman times.

    Craft industry

    The pretty little town of Castellane has managed to attract many artisans who open their doors creating beautiful aromas as you stroll through Provence. A soap factory, a perfumer, a honey-maker, you are on the ‘Lavender Route’… A potter and glass-blower will show you their craft. Finally, a little outing to the Citroën Museum will delight old car enthusiasts.

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