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Canyons of the Verdon

  • Canöe dans les Gorges du Verdon
  • Camping Castellane Paysages Naturels International Ciela Village
  • Kayak Rivière Rapides
  • Canyoning

    The Verdon is the perfect spot for all white-water sports. Our partners, Montagne et Rivière and Raoul rafting, will advise you on the white-water activities and routes best suited to your level and to the age of your children. You will experience incredible and invigorating sensations in magnificent surroundings before returning to the comfort of your 4-star mobile home where you can relive your fabulous day while relaxing on your terrace in the evening.


    Rafting takes place from Castellane. This activity is offered to children from the age of 8 or 12 years old depending on the route and duration of the descent. This ranges from two hours for a discovery trip to a full day trip for more experienced rafters.


    Equipped with a padded wet-suit and a floating board, you use your flippers and follow the trajectory indicated by your guide. The start of the descent is easy and allows you to get used to your equipment before tackling the rapids and the famous Couloir Samson (Samson’s Corridor). This activity is for persons aged 16 and over.


    You will discover numerous canyons on foot; After an easy and quick abseil down, you will be shooting down natural slides, jumping into clear, deep pools, going down zip lines! You will discover otherwise inaccessible areas of the Verdon and its meanders that you would never have seen. The guide will adapt the outing to your level. From a simple discovery trip to a full day trip, this activity is available to children from 10 or 12 years.

    Air boat

    This is a one-man inflatable kayak, equipped with a double paddle that you use to navigate the Verdon. It is better if you already know how to use the paddle and control (a bit) its trajectory. This activity is offered to children from 12 or 16 years of age depending on the chosen route. You will travel 7 km in under two hours depending on whether the rapids are gentle or fast.

    Water rambling (Aqua-Rando)

    Discover the Verdon by letting yourself be carried along by the current, on foot and swimming, with suitable equipment. The more daring will be able to jump into deep pools. It is a fun way to take in the scenery, at your leisure, as you float down the river. This activity is offered to children from 10 years for a discovery trip and 16 years for a full day trip.

    • Randonnée Aquatique Verdon
    • Hydrospeed Verdon
    • Hydrospeed Verdonjpg
    • Hydrospeed Verdon

      Our partners :

      • Raoul Rafting : family rafting from 6 years of age. icon facebook icon website
      • Montagne et Rivière : aqua trekking and hydrospeed. icon facebook icon website
      • La maison du canyoning et de l’escalade : specialist in canyoning and climbing. icon facebook icon website

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